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Trademark Consulting

Intellectual Property
To avoid competitors copying success for their own easy gain, it has become imperative to protect assets, trademarks and intellectual property and hence legal expertise is required. Read More
Trademark Registration
A trademark is any word; name, symbol or device used, or intended to be used, in interstate commerce to distinguish the products and services of one company or individual from those of another.. Read More
Copyright & Patents
Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United Arab Emirates to the authors of "original works of authorship," including literary, dramatic. Read More
dubai trademark registration office

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The Horwath Mak A byword for reliability in the UAE- was laid way back in 1981 when it was incorporated. Today, Horwath Mak group has grown to become the comprehensive corporate consultancy network even while being counted amongst the top ten multidisciplinary practices in the region & has established an extensive list of clients ranging from small businesses to large multinational companies and organization

Horwath Mak operates through a global network of offices. Horwath Mak offers access to over 500 offices in over 60 countries, worldwide replete with unequaled access to international expertise professional experience and business knowledge.

Our goals are to provide total solutions for setting up, profitability and success for corporation, constant update with respect to rapidly changing business environments and ensuring total commitment to state of the art expertise and highest technical standard.
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